What's it it for me..? New Brand Review

Beauty: NEW BRAND ALERT – What’s In It For Me…? (Review)

What’s in it for me…?

I’ll tell you what’s in it for you…totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products!

What's it it for me..? New Brand Review

I LOVE what this new brand is all about! It is a sister brand of the Anatomicals, which is featured in Superdrug.

If you haven’t heard of them before, I urge you to check out their website, as it really is as unique as their brand and perfectly represents what their brand is about! What’s In It For Me..? is a brand based on feeding our egocentrism. As much as we try to deny it, we all have a little self-obsession, because we constantly care so much about what we look like and what clothes we wear.

What's it it for me..? New Brand Review

 The first product I want to talk about is a product, which I would definitely recommend during the summer season to prep your skin for self-tanning or before going on holiday! It is the “eucalyptus oil, rose oil, root ginger and sea salts to exfoliate, warm, detoxify and enhance circulation body scrub. The product smells of pineapple, which is stated on the ingredients list and it literally transports you to somewhere tropical, and it is truly the best smelling body scrub I’ve ever used! The body scrub leaves your skin feeling so soft and detoxified as the name of the product suggests! It helps to remove dead skin cells to reveal a newer layer of healthy, glowing skin.

What's it it for me..? New Brand Review

The next wonderful product is something that is great to apply after using the exfoliating body scrub. This product is the “a mix of orchid, ylang ylang, jasmine and violet oil to nourish, plus cedarwood oil to leave skin seductively soft. It is a body cream that works best when you use it on slightly damp skin following showering or bathing, as it helps to seal in the surface moisture on the top layer of your skin. Using this method will help to ensure that your skin stays hydrated for longer!

What's it it for me..? New Brand Review

If you haven’t heard of this brand and would like to try it out, head to www.whatsinitforme.me for details of all the products they sell, because the products smell and feel very luxury for the price!

The brand is still rapidly expanding and they are currently stocked by Harvey Nichols, which is a premium department store. I have every faith that this brand will expand very quickly, so details of more stockists are to come! In the mean time, follow this exciting new brand on their Instagram on @whatsinitformeuk to join them in their journey and hear about all of their latest news and products directly from them!

Also, I wanted to address the Grazia magazine in my images that has the quote “Hate Won’t Tear Us Apart.” I felt very strongly about including this in one of my latest blog posts, considering everything that has happened lately in Manchester and London.

Manchester is a city that is very close to my heart. I visit Manchester very frequently, as I only live 25-minutes away by train; it is the place that me and my boyfriend first met and most importantly, it is the hub of all my favourite music venues – the Manchester Arena being one of them. Going to concerts in Manchester during my teen years will always be memories that will last a life time.

Concerts were my happy place, where I felt nothing but absolute joy and happiness that spreads across the arena every time the artist or band enters the stage. What happened in both Manchester and London were awful, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected and all of those innocent lives taken in such horrendous events.

I just want to help encourage those who are willing to donate, to please donate to the UK Solidarity Fund, that has been set up by The British Red Cross to raise funds for those affected by the events in Manchester and London, because every penny counts!

In the inspiring words of Emeli Sandé in her latest performance on The Big Weekend, “Bringing people together with music is something we should never be afraid to do.” and “Use your voice to change the world.

If you haven’t watched Ariana Grande’s One Love concert featuring lots of big artists and bands, I strongly believe that you watch this beautiful concert that is one of the most heartfelt concerts I’ve ever seen. The spirit and community of Manchester will never be broken.

We Stand With Manchester and London ♥

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(DISCLAIMER: The products in this blog post were kindly gifted to me by the What’s In It For Me..? team. However, all opinions on this product are my own honest opinions and I would only work with a brand if I believe the products are something I would genuinely buy and use myself.)


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    great post!!
    i really love all of these products and I’ll get them soon 🙂


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