• I can’t stop using this Microdermabrasion Polish at the moment, it makes my skin feel amazing 😍 Has anyone had a microdermabrasion treatment in a salon before, and would you recommend it? 😊
  • NEW ON THE BLOG: I’ve shared my reviews on this Dior Skin Forever Foundation & whether it’s worth the price tag. You can check it out in the link in my bio as usual lovelies ❤️ Anyone else loving a particular foundation at the moment? 🎀
  • When bae sends you cute things in the post 🙈💕 Thank you @anatomicalsuk for sending me their latest release, which are the charcoal-bristled toothbrushes! The case will definitely come in handy for future travels & I can’t wait to try my first charcoal toothbrush! ☺️ It comes in green, pink, blue & orange, what would you go for? 💖
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday ☺️ Had such a nice evening at @thedeephull last night & so sad to have to come back to reality. The aquarium is such a different place at night! What’s everyone up to this weekend? 💖
  • Had such a fun time on our little date to @thedeephull aquarium yesterday for Valentine’s, so excited to go back tonight for our belated Valentine’s meal ☺️ anyone else love a date to the aquarium? I could sit in front of a tank full of exotic fish all day 🙈
  • Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day! 💖 Whether you’re hanging out with your best friend, your mum or your partner today, I hope you have a wonderful day ☺️ Made this card for Tom & I swear I get soppier with age 🤦🏻‍♀️ Very excited to go to the Two Rivers Restaurant at @thedeephull tomorrow night to watch fishes swim by as we have a lovely dinner for our belated Valentine’s Meal 💕 What’s everyone up to tonight? ❤️
  • Happy Shrove Tuesday! Is anyone else eating their body weight in food today before lent? 😂🥞 I say this as I’m currently waiting for my Thai takeaway from Deliveroo to arrive 🙈 The Escape Room was so much fun today, we didn’t manage to escape since we decided to go for the hardest room when there’s only two of us, but I’d highly recommend Escape Rooms to anyone ☺️
  • Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice start to the week 💕 This winter weather is horrible for those who suffer dry skin conditions, but I’ve just uploaded a new post up on my website all about the @cetraben_uk line I’ve been using for the last few weeks & I wanted to share my thoughts on it! Click the link in my bio to read more ☺️
  • Has anyone tried this @urbandecaycosmetics Afterglow Highlighter yet? It is soooo good & I can’t believe how well-pigmented it is 😍 also, had the most amazing Ribeye Steak at a local pub today, so swipe left to see it ☺️
  • Happy Friday! ❤️ Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to purchase the @lauramercier Translucent Powder & I can’t wait to try it 🙈 Has anyone else given this product a try or would recommend anything else from the Laura Mercier line? ☺️

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