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Custom Phone and Laptop Case?

I’m a sucker for anything that allows me to personalise things! It just adds a little finishing touch. It can especially make something feel more special, especially if it was something you saved really hard for. Have you got anything personalised? I recently purchased a Burberry Monogram Scarf for my 21st birthday, and I’m so in love with it and I’ve practically worn it everyday since I bought it.

However, my latest personalised items that I’m OBSESSED with are my new MacBook Pro Skin and iPhone 8 Plus Case from CaseApp.

Jennifer Lam from The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic personalises her CaseApp Phone Case and MacBook Skin

Jennifer Lam's Custom Phone Case and Laptop Skin with CaseApp

What Is CaseApp?

CaseApp is a website that allows you to design your own custom case for your laptop, tablets and mobile phones. They are a company that ship worldwide, so location is no problem. If you’re someone who has creativity running through their veins, you will love the flexibility of being able to design your case from scratch. However, if you’re not so confident at designing art online, you can use their pre-made designs.

I personally created my own case from scratch, so I had full control over how my design came out. I had so much fun playing around with my designs! In the end I settled for one design. I printed this design on both my MacBook Pro Skin and my iPhone 8 Plus Case, so that they were matching.

Jennifer Lam's Custom Marble and Rose Gold Phone Case and Laptop Skin with CaseApp

The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic's Custom Designed Marble Phone Case and Laptop Skin with CaseApp

What Did I Think About My Custom Phone Case and Laptop Skin?

I’m genuinely in love with my custom phone case, because of the fact that it protects my phone. Basically, I’ve not had to worry so much if I drop it! There’s an option to have an extra tough case. It has a silicone lining on the inside of the case to protect the entire phone, including your buttons and screen. The outside of the case is a plastic hard shell with your custom phone design. This genuinely helps me relax a bit about my phone, as the back of my phone  is made of glass, as well as the front of the phone.

Closer look at the 'extra tough' case on Jennifer Lam's CaseApp Phone Case

I was sceptical about ordering a laptop skin, as I’ve ordered them in the past and they haven’t fitted my laptop well. However, when I applied the skin to my laptop, it fitted perfectly! It’s also very easy to apply the skin. You won’t get any air bubbles if you start with one corner first and slowly peel it back from the plastic.

Closer look at Jennifer Lam's custom phone case by CaseApp


DISCLAIMER: The phone case and laptop skin were kindly gifted by CaseApp. However, all opinions are my own honest thoughts.


  1. January 24, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    OMG I LOVE THEM!!!! they are so cute!

    Sophia xo

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