Travel Diary Part 2 – Dolphin Discovery, Punta Cana

Travel Diary Part 2 – Dolphin Discovery, Punta Cana

My Travel Diary Part 2 of the Dominican Republic is finally here! Today’s blog post is all about my excursion with Dolphin Discovery, which is based in Punta Cana.

If you haven’t caught up on Part 1 of the Travel Diary yet, click here to read all about where we stayed!

“This was such an incredible experience to get to be in the water with some of the most intelligent animals in the world!”

Dolphin Discovery

How We Booked The Excursion

When booking this excursion, we booked with an excursion company within our hotel. They could provide us with better deals than booking directly with the Dolphin Discovery website. Always compare the quoted prices with the excursion company and the Dolphin Discovery website to check you’re not being ripped off!

How To Get To And From The Dolphin Discovery

When booking the excursion with the agents, they will let the centre know what time you plan to visit. The excursion includes roundtrip transportation for most hotels around Punta Cana. The trip was around 30-minutes from the Excellence El Carmen, which is in Uvero Alto.

What Happened When You Got There?

When you get there, you’re instructed to go to the lockers to change into your swimwear. You then sign some consent forms before being taken to the pools. We got upgraded to the Swim Adventures courtesy of our excursion agent, so we got to spend 40-minutes with the dolphins!

“A truly beautiful experience with memories to last a lifetime!”

In the 40-minutes you get to interact with the beautiful dolphins, you get to kiss them, sign for them to reach your hand and give them a handshake. The best parts were definitely the Boogie Push, where you hold onto a boogie board and the dolphin glides you across the surface of the water! And, also the Belly Ride, where the dolphin rides backwards across the water while you hold its fins.

Was The Experience Worth It?

I’d highly recommend this close-up experience with these extremely intelligent animals! If you’re an animal person, you would definitely enjoy this excursion! The time seemed to pass so fast, and the marine mammal specialists were especially entertaining!

Any Tips When Going On This Excursion?

  • When booking my excursion with the hotel excursion company, I had to pay the hotel on the day that I checked out – not Dolphin Discovery directly!
  • Take food and water with you, as this is not provided on the tour. There is a food stall outside, but if you’re on a budget it may be best to stick to your own picnic.
  • Take your own beach towels, as they are not provided.
  • There are community showers there, so you can take shower gel with you.
  • Bring money or your card, as you can buy photos and souvenirs there.
  • There are lockers to place your belongings in, free of charge. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal belongings.
  • Make sure you are on-time to your transportation, as you receive a 15-minute briefing prior to getting in the pool.
  • You don’t need to be able to swim to enjoy the experience! Buoyancy aids are provided to help you float and the lifeguards are always on hand.
  • The photos are expensive to purchase, so see if you can charm the staff into a better offer.

Hope you enjoyed our photos and if you plan to go on this amazing excursion, I’d love to hear about your experience!


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(DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not sponsored. The excursion was paid entirely myself and is not in affiliation with Dolphin Discovery.)



  1. Louise Brighton
    October 29, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Kissing dolphins. Life would be complete! ????????????

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