Fashion: Accessories – How Do You Personalise Your Outfits?

Fashion: Accessories – How Do You Personalise Your Outfits?

Today’s blog post is about accessorising your outfits and making it your own!

When there are so many fashion stores around these days, you’re bound to end up buying the same jumper, dress, coat, etc. as someone else, so why not accessorise your outfits, so that your outfit looks different and individual to yourself?

I’m a brand ambassador for a wonderful new and upcoming online store called…

The brand promotes individuality and with embroidery being very on-trend at the moment, these accessories are great to add a personal touch to your outfits.

The thing I love about this website is that the accessories are great quality and are very reasonably priced! They have a flat shipping rate of £2 so you can add as many items as you wish and the shipping will still be £2!

If you spend over £25, you can use their code ‘FREEBIE‘ to get free shipping. They ship orders out within 1 business day of receiving their orders, so they deal with your orders very promptly! All orders should arrive within 3-5 working days.

I bought the ‘Girl Gang’ patch because I love the message behind girls working together to promote equality and the patch just looks really cute!

I am in love with my ‘J’ patch, which is available in all letters! You can personalise all types of clothing items with your own initials, and it would be a great conversation starter if someone asked you…

“I’m assuming your name begins with a J?”

The final item I purchased was the ‘Black Striped Mesh Socks‘, which is great to add some style to your footwear! With mesh being on-trend, these socks would look great with your outfit!

So, if this post has caught your attention, head over to to have a look round the site! If anything catches your eye, be sure to use my code below to get 20% off everything!

Be sure to check ShopWildViolet out on their Instagram: @shopwildviolet

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and I inspired you in some way to accessorise your outfits!


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If any brands or companies wish to contact me to review any items or collaborate, please contact me on my above email or on my social networks!

(DISCLAIMER: I work as a brand ambassador for ShopWildViolet, but all items featured in this post was purchased by myself, so all opinions are my own!)


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