Fashion: Minimalist Watches by CLUSE – Overrated or Underrated?

So, today’s blog is about CLUSE Watches


CLUSE is an Amsterdam-based company. I have followed the CLUSE Instagram page for at least a year and I have been debating between whether to get a CLUSE watch or a Daniel Wellington watch, and ultimately I decided to go for CLUSE, as I thought that DW had such a massive following compared to CLUSE, and CLUSE were just equally as nice and the price tag matched what I was looking for, as I needed to get a new watch for work ASAP.


La Vedette Rose Gold by CLUSE

I’m a big fan of the minimalist trend, as well as the rose gold trend at the moment, and I ended up going for the La Vedette Rose Gold in White/Grey. This is because I prefer smaller watches compared to the larger and bulkier watches on the website. The La Vedette range is the range that features the smaller watches that are 24mm in diameter. The case of the watch itself is a beautiful rose gold colour with grey straps, and I am going through a crazy grey theme at the moment where everything in my room is grey, black and white, so my fashion items may as well be the same!

The straps on the watch are actually interchangeable and you can buy different strap colours from the website to whatever colour you fancy!

I personally love the watch and I was so happy with it since the day of unboxing and it doesn’t get in my way whilst I’m at work. It’s also just one of those watches that can feature in all of your Instagram photos and would look so pretty, especially if you have a minimalist theme going on!

A tip with these rose gold watches on the CLUSE website is to be quick, if you know you want it don’t wait around to buy it because they sell out so fast and you won’t know when they’ll next restock unless you sign up for their emails to inform you when they stock the item again!

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However, I did actually shop around before I bought the item on Google, where I copied and pasted the name of the watch into the Google search to see if the product came up, as this is a very useful tip when shopping as you may be able to get a cheaper deal! I was actually very lucky when I searched for the watch, as ASOS actually had a massive discount on the exact same watch for £55 instead of £79 (a massive £24 saving) and I immediately clicked the buy button without thinking twice and what was even better was the fact I didn’t have to pay for shipping due to spending over £20! You can get 10% student discount through Unidays or you can check, as they regularly add new discount codes.

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