Health: Dieting – How I Lost Almost 6 Pounds In 1 Month By Eating All My Favourite Foods

“New year, new me”

…the cliché phrase you hear at the start of every single year, but people normally don’t stick to anything they said that they would. I haven’t personally made myself a resolution this year, I’ve just set myself a goal to do what makes me happy and to do whatever it takes to get there.

I’ve always had a constant battle with my weight since I was young, and it has always fluctuated around the same weight and has stayed constant and takes forever to shift the pounds no matter how much food I cut out or how much exercise I do. The most weight I’ve ever dropped was probably when I set myself the goal of buying a smaller prom dress that I couldn’t fit into until I lost weight and I lost just over a stone and I have never felt so happy, it boosted my confidence by miles, but I did want to lose more than that. However, the year following that year was a constant battle with myself and I ended up putting all the weight on again.

This year I told myself I’ll start the year by trying a different weight loss method, because any weight loss will contribute to my goal for the year, and to my surprise, I actually lost almost half a stone. I am shocked myself because I felt like I was eating like I normally would and I lost it with very minimum exercise because being at work for long hours on my feet all day felt like enough exercise in the day!

This weight loss could not have been achieved without Diet Chef. I heard about Diet Chef through adverts on TV and wondered what it was all about, so I did some research and joining their plan didn’t even seem like going on a diet at all! I could still have my favourite cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian, Italian and French food, as well as the snacks and treats I love! The only catch is that the diet is calorie controlled (without you having to do the calorie counting), but you wouldn’t even realise this because you still get a decent portion of food every day, as you have your normal 3 main meals in the day and you also get snacks between the meals.

When I first received my box I was in disbelief with how much food was in the box to last me a whole month! The food looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it! The best part is that the food doesn’t require refrigeration, so you will still have plenty of fridge space! The best part is that they help you section everything into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in the box so you don’t get confused on where to find everything.


When I signed up to Diet Chef, I managed to find an amazing offer that they had on for the New Year and I got the first month’s subscription for £95 instead of £195, which was a MASSIVE £100 SAVING! Who could resist the offer! I signed up immediately and got my first box within 3 working days! Diet Chef always have offers on, so keep a look out on their ‘latest offers‘ page!

I have included a gallery below of some of the lunch and evening meals, and looking at the food you wouldn’t even believe I was on a diet!

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The main reason I joined Diet Chef was because I was starting to work long hours at work where I’d be working 5 or 6 out of 7 days a week or 7 days a week and I had little time to cook for myself as I am balancing two jobs and trying to write my blog, as well as managing social media for one of my jobs, and it meant that cooking was time-consuming and my diet was becoming unhealthy. I also have little time to exercise with my jobs being so many long hours and the shift pattern is all over the place, so Diet Chef has actually helped me to learn how to cook recipes quicker and also in a healthier way, as well as helping me lose as much weight as I have in one month.

The thing I love the most about being on Diet Chef is that there is no need to cut out the snacks because they provide it for you! You can even have pancakes with Nutella and bananas for breakfast, healthy milkshakes to replace a meal and popcorn if you have a movie night or night in front of the TV! I have never found a diet that has worked so well for me and fits so well into my lifestyle! If you’re looking for a diet that incorporates into your everyday life very well, this one is the one for you! You don’t feel hungry at all during the diet and you start to drop the pounds without even realising! You don’t have to cut out your caffeine and sugary drinks, but do only drink them in moderation!


Buttermilk Pancakes with Nutella & Bananas


Sweet & Salted Popcorn Whilst Editing My Blog

Diets work differently for everyone and I’ve found the one that works for myself, but it may not work for others. But, if you’re sick of finding diets that make you cut out foods, count calories and eating things you wouldn’t normally eat on a daily basis, and you just want a ‘normal’ diet, Diet Chef is definitely worth a try! It may look expensive, to begin with but the health benefits far outweigh the cost and Diet Chef have worked out that you spend £5 a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that £5 is normally easily spent on a coffee and cake in a coffee shop, so when you put it into that perspective it is definitely worth investing in if you’re serious about dieting!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, if you’ve found any diets that have worked well for you, please comment and let me know what has worked for you, I’m very interested to know!

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(DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not sponsored by Diet Chef and all opinions are my own!)

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