Health: Exam Season – Stressed? Depressed? Anxious? The March Distraction Box Unboxing!

Health: Exam Season – Stressed? Depressed? Anxious? The March Distraction Box Unboxing!

Have you been feeling stressed due to exam season fast approaching? Feeling a little depressed about certain aspects of life? Does anxiety seem to take over your life? Sometimes a little self-love and care are all you need just to elevate your mood, even if you can only spare half an hour to yourself in a busy day!

Today I’m writing about a special brand collaboration, which I thought would be beneficial to those who have exams coming up whether it be GCSE’sA-Levels or uni exams. The topic of mental health is close to my heart, as I know I decided to prioritise my own mental and physical health over going to university as the three years of doing A-Levels caused so much mental trauma that I had to seek professional help just to manage my stress and mood swings. However, this post is all about positivity, so if you want to check out my more in-depth blog post of why I chose to not go to university, I have linked it down below:

Life Advice: Higher Education – Ashamed For Not Going to University? Hidden Disabilities?

The brand I am currently working with are a wonderful brand started by the lovely Rachael and Samanthaspecialising in health and wellbeing and the story behind this brand is truly inspiring! The brand is called the Distraction Box.

I did a little Q&A with Rachael, one of the founders of the brand, as the story behind why a brand started up can be inspiring to others and Rachael’s story is especially inspiring to those who have ever suffered mental or physical health issues!

Hi Rach, I read up on your ‘about us’ on your website and you are a real inspiration to those who have ever experienced life-changing surgery or injuries and for those who have had to re-think their career, this can be a really scary experience. So, what would be your advice to others who have experienced this?

“It is very scary, but you can’t let the fear take over the actions you need to take.  If you wallow in the fear, you’ll use up all of your energy to figure out how to move forward.  I would always say ‘trust yourself’ – when things happen in life that you have no control over, most people react by thinking ‘who is going to help me?  Who is going to fix my problem?  Who can I blame?  We need to start asking ‘how am I going to help myself out of this?  How am I going to fix the problem?  I’m not saying help isn’t there or shouldn’t be asked for – but it shouldn’t be the first thing we do.  You’d be surprised how empowering it is to get yourself out of extremely difficult situations.”

What is your favourite way to de-stress?

“I have too many ways!  I can’t say a specific favourite, but I do LOVE water.  I’d say visiting the pool – even if it’s for a float to take the edge off my pain, or to go for a swim and build strength, I love it.  I have regular long hot baths too and have different bath bombs and oils depending what mood I’m in.”

Please, could you explain what the ‘Distraction Box’ is to those who have never heard of it before?

“We provide between 5 and 8 happy distractions through the post, every month.  Each product has been hand-picked to brighten your day, encourage self-love and ‘me time’.  Creating happy distractions from the strains of what’s going on in your life, is a great tool to pick you up and bring back some positive feelings – even during really difficult times.  We aim to hit most of the senses in each box so there is a mix of mindful colouring or games, smells, tastes, feel good items and much more.” 

As one of the owners of the Distraction Box, how did the idea of the box come across your mind?

“I used to be an athlete and had the belief that you could do ANYTHING in life, as long as you were prepared to work hard enough, and if your heart desired it.  Then, 5 years ago I had a major health challenge that changed my life. In a nutshell, I suddenly had physical limitations that meant I had to change my life completely and found myself not being able to do ‘what I wanted, when I wanted’.  This affected my emotional well-being and I was struggling to cope with grieving my old self, and the frustrations with my new life.  Thankfully, I was offered counselling to help me with my emotions – and I found the courage to embrace it.  This was the start of my journey with coming to terms and accepting what life has thrown at me, and even changing my mindset to help. During that journey, I joined a health group, which focused around teaching people how to live with chronic illness.  One of the tools I was taught was how to create distractions from physical pain and/or the emotions that come with living with an illness that affects your everyday.  I created my own Distraction Box filled with items that comforted me, helped ease physical symptoms, or simply cheered me up when I was struggling to remain positive.  I love creating my own Happy Distractions and felt that more of us should create them in our everyday lives.  We all face stress and pressure, but not enough of us take the time to ‘switch off’ or manage overwhelming emotions in a positive way.”

What type of customers are you looking to appeal to?

“Anyone who experiences pressure or stress in their life.  This varies dramatically between people but, it could be anything including exam stress, grief, relationship worries, physical health problems (like me) – particularly those who suffer chronic illness or disability, surgery or illness recovery, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, pressure at work, the stresses of being a mum and other general day to day stresses and strains.”

What inspired your brand logo?

“We starting off thinking we were providing ‘sunshine in a box’, hence the sun icon.  The colours represent happiness (with the yellow) and health (the green).  The word ‘distraction’ in our logo has subtle ‘distractions’ in the font so we thought it fitted together nicely.”

Can you share 5 words that you think describes your brand?

Friendly, Happy, Supportive, Fun, Knowledgable 

(Knowledgeable not from a medical perspective, but because we practice what we preach and have been on a journey to discover the importance of emotional well-being.)

Could you tell me a little bit about the different subscription packages you have?

“We have one-off boxes, which are great for gifts for loved ones going through hard times.  We also have subscription packages available for those who want to invest in their emotional wellbeing on a regular basis.  We encourage people to invest in their emotional health and not just their physical health.  We have a monthly, 3-monthly and 6-monthly subscription packages and each can be cancelled at any time and very easily.”

What is the main message you hope to spread through your brand?

“When life throws you a lemon, create happy distractions!”

Big thank you to Rach for taking the time to answer all of my questions so thoroughly and I hope you all enjoyed the Q&A to get to know the brand better!

So, now onto the March unboxing of the Distraction Box!
When I received this box after the longest shift at work, this Distraction Box was exactly what I needed!
When I opened the box it genuinely felt like opening a present on your birthday or Christmas because of how well it was packed!

The March edition of the Distraction Box is based on the theme ‘Hibernation to Happiness‘, which is all about stepping out of the hibernation period of winter and into the lighter, brighter days of spring.

One of the many things I loved about this box is that when I opened the box, I was hit with a lovely scent of the Beefayre ‘Bee Happy’ Tea Lights that are scented with the essential oils of Orange & Jasmine and it immediately perked my mood up after such a long day and these would be perfect to use when you’re relaxing and reading blog posts at night or having a relaxing soak in the bath.

The next thing to catch my eye was the mini little mindful colouring book with colouring pencils! It just looked absolutely adorable and the best thing is that both the colouring book and pencils are pocket-sized so you can take them on trips out or use them on your lunch breaks, just to get some time out for yourself!

The box is great for those who are health-conscious! The Birchall’s Green Tea & Peach Infusion Tea Bags are fantastic for those who are on the green tea hype because of the antioxidant effect that green tea has. The BakedIn Gluten-Free Mug Brownie Mix is great for those who are gluten intolerant or are on a gluten-free diet, so you can still treat yourself to a guilt-free dessert!

A concept I love in the box is the two greeting cards and the idea is to write a card for someone you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hi, just to bring a smile to someone’s face! You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, so just writing a note to say how much you appreciate a person or to let them know you’re thinking of them can go a very long way and can instantly bring a smile to someone’s face!

 And, saving the best to last with my favourite item of the March box is this gorgeous mug that has the most beautiful rose gold detail with a quote you should recite on a daily basis to inspire positivity within yourself!

 If you want to try out a one-off Distraction Box or are willing to invest in your wellbeing and sign up to a monthly subscription for a Distraction Box, then head over to their website and use my code ‘shopaholic‘ for 10% off your first box/subscription and I can promise you won’t regret it!

Check out the Distraction box on and don’t forget to tag #HappyDistractions so we can see your boxes!

Hope this post is useful for those looking for ways to reduce their stress, anxiety or depression and if you have any questions just leave a comment below or contact me on my social networks. For any personal or business-related inquiries, my email is!

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(DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate of the Distraction Box, however, all opinions on this blog post are my own honest opinions!)



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