Home: Tips When Moving House or Remodelling (Guest Post) – Sneak Peek Into My Home

Home: Tips When Moving House or Remodelling (Guest Post) – Sneak Peek Into My Home

Prevent Mess When Remodelling by Tilly Sanders (Sparkling London)

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We all know home improvement is usually money and time-consuming – two things that are almost impossible to avoid. However, you can at least make sure that your home home stays clean and organised while builders are breaking the kitchen walls for a new window. Here are a few tips on how to prevent mess when remodelling your home

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It doesn’t matter what kind of home improvement project you are planning, chances are that the entire house will be covered in dust and debris, while tools, buckets and construction materials will lay around everywhere. Even if it’s a small remodelling, it’s hard to escape the mess. Expect sawdust on all floors, drywall dust on all surfaces, on you and in the air, as well.

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Before starting with your project, you need to perfectly isolate the area you are about to renovate. Remove everything from this room, including clothes, décor items and even furniture, if possible. This will keep them clean and will guarantee that no accidents and damage would be done. And of course, the free space will ease the construction work. But if there are larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, you can wrap them with protective plastic covers. You can use rolls of polyethylene film for hard floors and carpets. The best way to protect your home from the renovation work is to completely isolate and seal off the area with plastic sheeting over the doors.

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Even this won’t ideally prevent the mess. That’s why, you can try to create a path of cardboard pieces that takes you from the front door and leads you right to the room where you are doing the remodelling and renovation. Even if your shoes are dirty with dust or paint, you won’t leave any traces on the carpet. Another path should link the room and the bathroom. After the work for the day is done, remove all cardboard or carpet scraps and clean them up outside as much as possible. You can use them the next day and continue with you construction work without worrying that dirt and mud may spread around the house. Another good alternative is buying a box of protective shoe covers – they come in bulk packs and are really cheap.

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Clean up every day after the work is done – advised by Carpet Cleaning Experts Balham. Sweeping the floor will probably just get the dust into the air, so instead, vacuum clean all the surfaces, including yourself. Then, remove the rest of the dust with a wet cloth. After sanding drywall, there will be huge amounts of white dust. It’s dangerous for your throat and lungs and it can damage furniture and wood floors. If you don’t vacuum clean it first, it will scratch the wood and finishes. To completely get rid of it, use a mixture of warm water and vinegar for both mopping the floors and wiping the furniture – clear water won’t work. After it dries out, you will notice there’s still dust everywhere. Repeat the vacuum cleaning and water+vinegar cleaning once more, or as many times as it takes.

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Another thing to consider when remodelling is to protect counter tops and corners with scrap cardboard. You will find this useful, especially if you are moving big furniture or have contractors in the house, who constantly drop their heavy tools and equipment. And, well, construction workers are not the most careful and gracious people you can imagine. They can easily scratch and damage your lovely stone counter tops. So, to prevent this, cover everything with cardboard and attach it with duct tape. You can do the same with the stairs, the doorways and thresholds.

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If you follow these simple steps, your home will stay neat and dust-free during remodelling. Of course, don’t expect perfection, home renovation always has its side effects!

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Thank you to the lovely Tilly Sanders from Sparkling London for guest posting on my blog! Please head to her website and show her some love!

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