I QUIT MY JOB AT THE PHARMACY?! – How I Got My Dream Job At Twinzz

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, some of you are probably wondering…”You quit your job?!”. For those who are new to The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic, I was training as a Dispenser in my local Pharmacy for over a year. If you already know my back story, you’re more than welcome to skip to the bottom of the post where I give advice on how to get into Digital Marketing!

Jennifer Lam explaining how she got her job with Twinzz to be Head of Social Media Marketing

What Were You Doing Before You Quit Your Job?

For the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve been trying to find what I was actually passionate in. I was in two minds on whether I preferred science or something more creative. I ended up studying 3-years of A-Level Science, and as the time went on, I lost all my passion for the area. During this time, I actually applied to do Biomedical Science, where I received an unconditional offer to study at one of my university choices. However, I couldn’t confirm the place, because my head was telling me yes, and my heart was telling me no.

When I declined all offers to study at university, it just felt incredibly wrong. I was in a terrible mental state for months, as I was always told in school that to be successful, you needed to go to university. I stopped wallowing, and decided to take time out of education to work.

Sticking to science, I thought that maybe working in a healthcare setting may reignite my fire to study the area. I ended up in my first apprenticeship to become a certified Medicines Counter Assistant, where I stormed through the training in 4-months. My manager then moved me onto beginning the Dispensary training, where I got my first promotion. However, I had a terrible time in that Pharmacy with a certain staff member, which led me to apply somewhere else.

Jennifer Lam's best friend Amy Poon modelling Twinzz Truckers

When Did I Realise That Pharmacy Wasn’t For Me?

I moved onto another Pharmacy, which all looked amazing…until I started working there. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than working under terrible management. I had my final straw with working in Pharmacy, and I just realised I had enough of trying to pursue a career in this industry. It was mentally draining for the hours of work you put in, and not to mention the horrendous experiences with customers. The pay is very poor for how much work you have to do in a day. I suddenly had some sort of epiphany where I realised I had been chasing the wrong thing all of this time.

During my time when I was working as a Dispenser, I started up my blog. From this I learnt that you could actually get a job doing Digital Marketing. Before I started this blog, I had no idea that a job like this existed. I would come home from long days at work and start researching more into the area. I found that you could actually get apprenticeships in it, or even a higher position role depending on experience.

Amy Poon modelling Twinzz cap

How Did You Go About Applying For A Job In Digital Marketing?

I applied for a few jobs, and even though there were a few mishaps along the way, I genuinely believe that things happen for a reason. I ended up with an interview with a company that wasn’t too far from where I lived, and I jumped at the opportunity to see what they were all about. I was given a week to prepare for the interview, and in that time I decided to prepare a portfolio using PowerPoint. I wanted to demonstrate what my capabilities were and what growth I could offer the brand. Luckily for myself, I help to manage my family’s social media for their business, and also take care of my own to promote this blog. So, I had already started building a solid ground to work on.

“Everything is all about… STATS.”

Let’s face it, all brands who work with bloggers/influencers only want to work with you if you have a few 0’s next to your name, not just one. I started dishing out all the stats on how well certain social media profiles were doing, and how I achieved it. I had been planning for this moment for over a year, and this is why I had such a huge drive to push out my social media to grow the numbers.

I turned up to my interview and met my manager for the first time, and let’s just say…the interview wasn’t really an interview. It was more like a 20-minute conversation about what I had to offer, and a quick presentation, and before you know it… JENNY HAS A JOB! I got a job offer before I even got to the end of what I had to say, and that is the record. I’ve been offered a job an hour after an interview before, and that record has now been beat. I was ecstatic, because I loved what the company could offer, and the hours I need to work are very ideal despite it being full-time.

“The moral of the story is, be confident in selling yourself, and the person interviewing you will believe and trust in what you have to say! Never sell yourself short.”

Amy Poon in Black Twinzz Trucker

What Is Your New Job?!

The company I now work for is called Twinzz. Some of you may have heard of it, because they’ve worked with a few famous names. Some including Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford, John Stones, Chris Hughes, Conor McGregor, Amir Khan, and the list is endless! I literally just have a job where I get to contact celebrities, bloggers, influencers and models all day! I’m excited to really get the ball rolling in this company and bring a lot of new ideas to the table. The company began in 2014 and has been growing exponentially ever since, so I have come in at the most exciting time for the brand.

“It’s a surreal experience being in contact with a list of celebrities in an office-based job, compared to when I used to be front-of-house serving customers in a Pharmacy all day!”

I’m the Head of Social Media Marketing for the brand, and I do a lot of the PR work for them too. If you’re reading this, I’d love for you to follow Twinzz over on their Facebook and Instagram, and you could be on the list to get a box of Twinzz goodies in the future! I’ll see all of you because I’m on the page pretty much all hours of the day.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first job in this industry, as I have met so many entrepreneurs since I have started here. Connections are very important at the end of the day! I actually have a paid job to just scroll through social media all day and make it grow. It’s something I still can’t wrap my head around!

Jennifer Lam showing her new Twinzz caps as she starts her new job with them as Head of Social Media Marketing

Advice For Getting Into Digital Marketing

My advice for anyone looking for a job in Digital Marketing in particular, is to really do your research into what employers are looking for. It is an extremely competitive area at the moment, and it took me months before this opportunity came along! Start building a very strong CV now of what skills you already have, and work on building any potential skill that you don’t have already.

I found that a useful starting point was to research advertised jobs in Digital Marketing, to look at their job specifications. I used Indeed most of the time, as they seemed to provide the most detail. Once I looked at a bunch of them, I realised there were certain requirements that were needed for most of them and other skills that may be desired. Once you have nailed the requirements that are most necessary, start to work on the ‘desired skills’ to make you stand out from other applicants. Once you have all of that sorted, you’re good to go to start creating your CV. With the portfolio, you can by all means start making a generic one. However, I would wait until you have an interview for a particular job to really tailor your ideas to that brand, and how your portfolio supports these ideas.

I just wanted to drop a quick disclaimer to say that I am no expert at this. I know that some elements of Digital Marketing require you to have qualifications before applying, so please check this before making an application!

Black Twinzz Trucker modelled by Amy Poon

Advice For Getting Into Your Dream Job Role

For those who don’t wish to pursue Digital Marketing, I would start by searching the job role for the traits and skills required. From this, you can start building a strong profile for yourself. I found that I needed skills in things like Photoshop, video-editing softwares and analytics , so I decided to embark on a few online courses (there are many free ones available). Many of these courses have some sort of certification, so this is brilliant to strengthen your CV.

If you get through to an initial phone call/e-mail briefing to book in for an interview, make sure you sound confident and enthusiastic. There is nothing worse than hiring someone who has no passion and no confidence in what they’re doing after all!

And finally, when you approach the interview day, PLEASE PREPARE! I cannot stress this enough. Look up as many possible basic interview questions, and prepare in your head what your answer would be. Better still, get someone to practice with you. They would be able to tell you whether your answer sounds okay when it’s said out loud. There may be more detailed interview questions that may be asked depending on what role you have applied for. So, search this on Google for potential questions that may come up!

Don’t forget, while the employer may be interviewing you, you’re also observing them. If they do offer you a job, but you feel like they’re not the right fit for you when you get there, you’ll definitely know. It’s okay to say no, as there may be a better opportunity waiting around the corner for you.

Also, don’t be deflated if you didn’t get past the interview stage. While one company may not see you as a perfect fit, another might!

Sneak preview with The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic of the new Twinzz Summer Collection 2018 T-Shirts

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Summer Collection 2018, which is launching in a week’s time!

I Hope That Helps!

Who knew I would end up in a job doing what I love…scrolling through Instagram all day! You can end up in your dream role with persistence as well! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on my social media or email me on confessionsofonlineshopaholic@gmail.com, I’m always here to help!

Also, a massive thank you to my best friend, Amy, for modelling the Twinzz caps for me. I don’t really suit caps, so she is amazing for standing in for me!




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