First Impressions: Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Review – Just Smile UK

First Impressions: Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Review – Just Smile UK

As someone who has always been a hygiene freak, I literally spend over 5-minutes brushing my teeth and using mouthwash religiously. However, my teeth have always been a slightly off-white colour, which really frustrates me considering how often and how long I brush my teeth. I have tried so many different teeth whitening products and then I discovered a new brand called Just Smile who released an Activated Charcoal formula, which is 100% natural.

Just Smile UK - Teeth Whitening

I have been obsessed with charcoal products lately, so I couldn’t wait to try out this product! The science behind this product is fascinating! I have quoted this from the Just Smile website:

Just Smile London Activated Charcoal is made by super-steam-heating organic coconut shells at temperatures of around 1,800°F in the absence of oxygen. This activates the charcoal by making the substance extremely porous, this effectively massively increases the surface area of the charcoal allowing it to absorb toxins and stains caused by everyday living. One small tub of Just Smile Activated Charcoal has a combined surface area of 3 football pitches!

Our customers see results within ONE WEEK, 5-6 shades whiter.

Just Smile London Activated Charcoal contains 96% coconut shell activated charcoal as well as organic mint & orange extracts.

Our premium grade Activated Charcoal is an extremely fine powder (5-8 microns), which results in a huge surface area for absorbing unwanted stains.

Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities which works great agains fighting & preventing gum disease.

So, what did I think of the product…

How easy was it to use the product?

I found the product fairly easy to use, because all you have to do is dip a clean toothbrush (I like to slightly wet the toothbrush, so the powder clings better to the brush) and then you just brush your teeth like normal. Then, after brushing, you continually rinse your mouth with water until all of the charcoal has disappeared. I normally used this charcoal powder first, then brushed my teeth again with my normal toothpaste to make sure that there was no black charcoal outlining my gums.

Just Smile UK - Teeth Whitening

Did the charcoal taste funny?

No, the charcoal did not taste funny. I was really anxious about trying the product initially because the charcoal is a pure black colour and also because you associate charcoal with barbecues or burnt things. But, this product is made with organic mint and orange extracts as well, to help distract the brain from the colour and natural taste of charcoal.

Just Smile UK - Teeth Whitening

How easy does this product fit into your daily routine?

The product is very easy to fit into your daily routine. I brush my teeth twice a day anyway, so it was easy enough to incorporate into my routine.

Did you see any results within the first week of using the product? Did you notice 5-6 shades whiter in your teeth?

I did start seeing changes in the whiteness of my teeth, but only after 2 weeks, as my teeth are very stubborn. This product only works effectively if you stick to a routine and use it continuously and not just on-and-off. I didn’t quite notice 5-6 shades whiter, but that again is only because my teeth are stubborn. Each person who tries this will see different results, so I still find a few shades whiter to be a massive achievement!

Just Smile UK - Teeth Whitening

Was the product good value?

I feel as though the product is good value, as I still have more than half of the formula left despite using it for a month continuously! It is £16.99 for the product, but it is currently on sale for £12.99. You can also get 10% off the product, when you use my code ‘JENNY10‘ (even on sale products!).

Do you have any tips about this product?

I’d definitely use this product over the sink, because it can be messy if the powder gets all over the place and a nightmare to clean up. Don’t be put off by the colour of the product when you first use it, it will work wonders on your teeth if you use it frequently enough. I’d recommend taking a before and after picture in natural bright lighting to monitor the difference in the shade of your teeth.

Just Smile UK - Teeth Whitening

Would you recommend this product to other people?

I was initially skeptical of this product, as I’ve tried so many whitening products and I didn’t notice much difference. I would definitely recommend this product to other people, especially as it doesn’t cause any sensitivity to your teeth. However, as I keep stressing, the product has to be used regularly for you to notice a difference and it also depends what shade your teeth were before you started using the product. As, the more yellow your teeth are, the more noticeable the results are.


If you do try this product, I’d love to know your thoughts on it! Just leave a comment below or contact me on my social media!

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