Life Update – Do I Regret My Choice Not Going To University Half A Year On?

Life Update – Do I Regret My Choice Not Going To University Half A Year On?

What’s Been Going On In My Life?

So, since my last proper life update in January, I figured an update on everything over the last few months wouldn’t hurt!

A few things have happened since my last update. A few of these include getting a job promotionI am now a certified Medicines Counter Assistant in the pharmacy, and I am now starting Dispensary trainingMe and my boyfriend reached our 2 year anniversary of being together. So, we recently went to Manchester to celebrate reaching the milestone. And, I’m going to Japan in July!

Do I Regret Not Going To University?

I wrote a blog post back in January about choosing not to go to university and why I chose not to go. I wanted to write an update on this. The blog post on why I chose not to go is below in case you wanted to read it first:

Life Advice: Higher Education – Ashamed For Not Going to University? Hidden Disabilities?

To answer my question in my blog title in short, the answer is no. I don’t regret my choice about not going to university. Now that people are almost finishing the year at uni for summer, I still think I’ve made the right decision for myself. If I was to make the choice again, I still wouldn’t opt to go to uni. I have never felt a day of stress like I did when I was doing A-Levels. I feel like I’ve recovered from all of the mental and physical trauma I went through just to get some grades on a piece of paper. I don’t regret my choice of doing A-Levels whatsoever. It means I have something to offer when it comes to future jobs like the pharmacy job I’m currently undertaking.

What Do I Suggest When It Comes To University?

Recently, a few people I know have come to me asking for advice relating to the choice I made to not go to university. I won’t disclose anyone’s name for privacy reasons. But, people have confided in me about whether university is right for them. I am in no way trying to advertise that not going to university is the best way forward, because I genuinely believe that university can bring a lot of amazing opportunities. I just wanted to put that out there in case people are getting the wrong idea! My brother is out in Japan studying at university for 4 years, and I have every faith in him that he’ll succeed with whatever he chooses to do in the future.

Only you know yourself deep down whether university is right for you, and no one can make this choice for you but yourself!

What I Hated About School

The one thing that I hated about school is how much they pressured students to go onto university. We were told that there was no other way to be successful unless you go to university. We’ve been brainwashed since we were young that if you didn’t go to university, you aren’t going to be successful. You get people constantly telling you that you’ll be on a low wage. And, you won’t be half as successful with those who have a degree next to their name and they will always be picked over you at a job interview. I think this is a load of rubbish to be completely honest.

You can be successful if you work hard and always aim higher.

What Happens When Opt To Not Go To University

You can go out in the world and get some work experience and continually add to your CV. Soon enough, you will be picked over those with degrees because you have more experience (obviously job-dependent). I know plenty of people who have gone out to try to get a job. But, because of their lack of experience, they have been turned down.

The most successful and wealthiest people that are always seen in the papers and on TV tend to be those who have never been to university or even finished college.

Your life is what you make it and a degree certainly doesn’t dictate how successful you will be.

I know plenty of people who have graduated from university, who are now working the same jobs as those people who didn’t go to university. If you did or currently do go to university and you end up doing something with your degree, then I am so pleased for you! Because, in today’s world it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a job, even with a degree.

My Biggest Pet Hate About Not Going To University

I think my biggest pet hate is when people look at you differently just because you chose to go into work and not to university. Since people have left for university, I’ve truly realised those people who are worth my time. I’m not saying that everyone who has gone to university has given me the same attitude. But, some people I feel look at me differently for my decision to go into work instead. I’ve seen so many old acquaintances who always say the same thing to me

“I thought you would have gone to university!”

I think everyone had this expectation of me. I was known as the girl who studied every minute and hour of the day. The one who was academic and never failed to hand in a piece of work.

I may have appeared academic, but I was never happy.

Every waking moment having to think about going to school, coming home, having dinner than revising all night, and repeating this every single day felt like the biggest drain on my soul. There were days I wanted to tear my hair outDays I cried myself to sleepDays I just wanted to quit school. Education made me so unhappy to the point I needed counselling. So, was it worth going to university to put myself through more unnecessary trauma?

I can happily say that I absolutely made the right choice for myself to not go to university. I genuinely am the happiest I have been in a very long time! It’s strange to say, but I literally feel so free! I have not felt like this since I was a kid with no care in the world.

How Did I Feel When I Chose Not To Go To University?

When I first initially made the decision to not go to university, I slowly started to announce it to those closest to me first. It was the most scary experience. Everything felt so surrealI felt like I had just made the worst decision of my life. I’ve spent most of my schooling life being told that I have to go to university to make it in life. The decision to go against the norm made me feel so uneasy. I felt uncertain about what was going to happen in the future.

I’ll say this again and will always say this, but not going to university isn’t the end of the worldIt’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life!

7 months on, I literally feel like I’m living the dream…

I don’t have to stay locked up in my room revising for hours. Instead I have my life together. I got my job in the pharmacy in December. 4 months on I received a promotion, which normally would take a year to be fully trained. I only work part-time, and now I’m onto my next bit of training (Dispensary Assistant) to climb up the pharmacy ladder. I’m still utilising my Science A-Levels that I acquired in college. So, going to college wasn’t a waste of time because it is incredibly useful knowledge to have when working in healthcare.

I get to help my parents do a lot of promotion work for their business. And, I get to use my creative side to create posters and flyers, whilst also being a social media manager for them. I thoroughly enjoy doing all of the above in my spare time, because it keeps my brain occupied.

What Do I Do Now I’m Not At University?

I got to start this blog up. If people know me personally, I love to write essays like there is no tomorrow when I reply to texts. I just thought starting a blog would be a fantastic way to expand my creative writing skills. I also take pictures of absolutely everythingI knew some day the photos would come in handy!

I will always believe that if you work hard you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve, it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you stay motivated throughout. A degree isn’t a measure of success, it’s just a stepping stone into a job. Success comes from hard work and persistence.

I love being in work now because I am actually praised for doing a good job. I’m pushed harder to achieve my potential. Back in school, I was always told I couldn’t get certain grades. I couldn’t get into my chosen course. And, I couldn’t go to the university of my choice. It was always “Jenny you can’t…”. I was always placed below those who were in the Oxbridge group. Constantly compared with others based on my intelligence. Being in the workplace I just get positive comments from customers who really appreciate my knowledge. It’s so strange to me when I get pulled aside by my manager and being told how impressed he is with the level of knowledge I have acquired over a short amount of time. I never used to get this at all in school. Especially, the further along I went in education the more negative encounters with my course supervisors.

Food For Thought…

So, the next time you hear someone say they aren’t going to university, just be supportive. Don’t question their choice, just be kind. Have belief in them that they can make something of themselves.

If you have gone through a similar experience, I’d love to know your thoughts! If you wanted to talk about any of this content in private, please feel free to email me on Or, contact me on my social media below.


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