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My hair has become my trademark. It’s the one thing that I get the most compliments on, and I probably have a more extensive haircare routine, than a makeup routine. Maintaining the longevity of your newly coloured hair is always a battle, but with the right products, you can really bring out the vibrant tones in your hair. You’ll be swishing your hair like a L’Oréal advert before you know it! I use a lot of heat-styling on my hair, and my naturally dark hair is prone to brassy tones, so you’re probably wondering how I keep it in good condition. So, today I’ll be sharing how I preserve my coloured locks with Mon Platin Professional Haircare!

Jennifer Lam of The Confession of an Online Shopaholic testing the Mon Platin Professional Haircare Collection

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Hair After Colouring

Whenever I dye my hair, I always step up my haircare routine for the first few weeks. These weeks are the most vital, as your hair has just gone through a massive chemical treatment, especially if you have bleached your hair like me. It strips your hair of moisture and causes your hair to become fragile. The best way I dealt with this was using the Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Hair Mask.

Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Hair Mask review by Jennifer Lam of The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic

With this hair mask, I shampooed and conditioned my hair as usual, and then squeezed out excess water in my hair. I then applied the hair mask, and let it sink into the deeper levels of my hair for 10-15 minutes. After this time, I rinsed out the mask, and towel-dried my hair, ready for the next step of blow-drying.

“Just a tip, but I like to use lukewarm water to wash my hair in the weeks following my hair colouration, as I don’t want to add too much heat to my hair. Using cooler water also helps to calm the frizz in your hair!”

I can officially say that this is hands-down the best hair mask I have EVER used! My hair has never felt so soft, glossy and tangle-free. After styling my hair, it was the best my hair has ever looked. I have tried so many hair masks before, but nothing like this one! I personally used the Mon Platin Hair Mask three times in the week following my hair colouring treatment, as I wanted to rehydrate and strengthen my hair.

Jenny Lam of The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic testing out the Mon Platin Haircare Collection by Jojoba Cosmetics

What Can I Use In My Hair If I Want To Use Heat-Styling?

The best complimentary product to use alongside the Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Hair Mask is the Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Multi-Action Hair Cream 12 in 1.

Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Multi-Action Hair Cream 12 in 1 review by Jenny Lam of The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic

If I know that I’m planning to curl my hair, I always use this Hair Cream. After washing my hair, I use approximately five pumps of the spray into the palm of my hands and smother the product on the ends of my hair (avoiding the roots, so I don’t add more weight). It leaves a lovely scent, that is subtle and not overpowering.

I love this product, because as soon as I started blowdrying my hair, I realised how easy it was to comb through my hair, as it wasn’t knotty at all. It also protects your hair colour, as it contains UVA and UVB sun filters, so this product is perfect for days that you’re outside in strong sunlight. Another great thing about this product is how soft and shiny it leaves my hair looking. It’s such a lightweight product that my curls stay bouncy all day!

Jennifer Lam's new rose gold balayage ombré hair

Where Can I Buy Mon Platin Products?

You can buy them from, or places like Amazon.

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Do You Have More Specific Advice About Hair Care After Colouring?

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I hope this post was helpful! Let me know whether you like my new hair colour below, because I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!


DISCLAIMER: The Mon Platin products were kindly gifted to me by Jojoba Cosmetics. However, all opinions expressed in this post are exclusively my own personal views.


  1. July 2, 2018 / 8:08 am

    Looking after your hair is so important especially after dying and heat styling. Your hair looks gorgeous I love the colour!!

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