Money-Saving Series: Boots UK – Beauty, Fragrances & Toiletries For Free?

Money-Saving Series: Boots UK – Beauty, Fragrances & Toiletries For Free?

Boots Advantage Card

Being the shopaholic I am, it would make sense to do a little blog series on how I save money to shop more! Today’s blog post is all about the Boots Advantage Card!

Boots Advantage Card

As a former employee at Boots, this card helped save me a lot of money in my student years during GCSEs and A-Levels and this will definitely help those on a student loan! The Boots Advantage Card has been around since 2007 and is definitely a points card that is widely recognised in the UK!

You can sign up for a Boots Advantage Card on their website! Once you sign up and make your first purchase on-line or in-store, you will start to receive points on your card (don’t forget to present your card at the check-out!)

Boots Advantage Card

The best thing about Boots is that they send you coupons in the post to help boost your points, or to get you money off products!

When you collect enough points, you can use your points to pay for products! The disadvantage with the Boots Advantage card is that you can’t part-pay. The points on the card must be equivalent or more than what the product is worth in monetary-sense to be able to pay using the points!

Boots Advantage Card

You can collect 4 points for every £1 you spend. So, if you spend £15, you get 60 points, which translates into 60p. Therefore, if you were to purchase a £45 perfume, for example, you would earn £1.80. You can even double or triple these points by using a points booster coupon!

You can download the Boots UK App on your phone to get all vouchers at your fingertips!

I’ve used my points for some great fragrances and electrical items in Boots before. Some of these including the Paco Rabanne Lady Million and the Babyliss Curling Wand! So, if you want to earn while you spend, I’d highly recommend ordering yourself an Advantage Card (it’s free!)

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