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Today’s blog post is all about the seaside resort, Blackpool, on the northwest coast of the Lancashire area in the UK. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the UK and is always a family favourite to go and visit! It is known for the Blackpool Illuminations and Blackpool Tower.

I visited Blackpool with my boyfriend during the summer in August. The weather was beautiful whilst we were here and we were so fortunate considering the weather in the UK is always a hit and miss! We went for 4 nights and we felt this was more than enough time to explore Blackpool.

We stayed just outside of the main bustle of Blackpool in the Village Hotel, which was about a 10-15 minute drive from the Blackpool Promenade. We chose to stay here just to get a more peaceful retreat after long day’s out in the Blackpool centre. I booked the hotel through Expedia, as usual, as I have member pricing, which means I normally get 10% off hotel bookings. The hotel was lovely and was still close enough to the centre if you need to get a taxi to the hotel. I personally decided to drive, as I will explain later on in this blog post why I chose to.

A week or two before the trip, I decided to buy a Blackpool Resort Pass for me and my boyfriend. I thought it would be a fantastic idea, as it allows us to see the best of Blackpoolpick and choose what attractions we want to go to, it helps you to budget and it includes a car park pass for an additional small amount of money. The Resort Pass starts at £55 and includes 6 attractions for the most basic pass. So, going back to my earlier point about why I decided to drive, I could park at my hotel for free because they had a big hotel customer car park and when driving to the centre there were four car parks to choose from and the pass cost £12 for three days and I can park all day with no time restrictions. You can order the pass to be delivered by post or you can pick it up from the Tourist Information Centre on the promenade. I personally picked them up from the Tourist Centre because we were heading to the promenade anyway. You get a card that you show at the different tourist attractions and they print the tickets out for you.

We arrived on a Sunday, so we decided to spend the day settling in and exploring the hotel and the area around where we were staying. On our first proper day there on Monday, we headed to the promenade to pick up our Resort Pass. We spent a little time absorbing in the beautiful views of the sea, as it was the most beautiful, sunny day.


Blackpool Promenade

After appreciating the views, we headed to explore the dizzying heights of the highest point of Blackpool in the Blackpool Tower. We watched a 4D film and then went up a lift and climbed a load of stairs to reach the viewing platform, which has a glass viewing area where you can look down and see how high up you are above the ground, so if you’re scared of heights don’t look down!

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 When we came back down to earth, we went to The Blackpool Tower Dungeons, which happened to be next door. This was me and Tom’s second experience going to the Dungeons and it was thoroughly entertaining to learn about Blackpool’s history in comparison to hearing about York’s history when we visited the Dungeons there a few months before then. You can read about York below:

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I wouldn’t say the Dungeons are only for young children, I think adults can enjoy it as well, as it’s a fun, engaging way to learn about the history of Blackpool.


Blackpool Tower Dungeons

Following the Dungeons, we decided to go and have some fun at the arcades, because you don’t visit Blackpool without taking a trip to the arcades! It allowed us both to reminisce the times of when we were kids and when our parents used to take us to the arcades. 

We stopped off at Wetherspoons for a quick lunch, then continued our day and went to check out Blackpool’s Sea Life Aquarium, as the final activity of the day. We both love our aquariums, so this was probably our favourite part of the day, as well as seeing Blackpool from the top of the Tower. I always love capturing aquarium pictures in the tunnels, because I love seeing people’s admiration of marine life whilst standing in the tunnel.



The next day, we woke up to another beautiful day, so we decided to drive to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which is a theme park home to the ‘Big One‘, which is the UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster! I’m a wimp when it comes to rollercoasters, so we settled for everything that wasn’t a rollercoaster.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach

After the theme park, I got dragged into the Pasaje Del Terror horror house at Pleasure Beach, which was an interactive walkthrough. I personally feel like there is something up with me because I’m so desensitised to horror movies that this walkthrough didn’t even give me any jump scares, but Tom the poor thing kept jumping at everything haha!

Tuesday wasn’t quite as nice as the other two days, so we decided to stay a little more local and walked around the corner from the hotel to the Blackpool Zoo. It was the loveliest zoo and we spent all day here because there was so much to see! We ended up being stuck in the pouring rain that didn’t stop for hours and we have both never looked like drowned rats since the walk back to the hotel took about 15 minutes! 

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Prices start at £17.99 for adults, and if you have student ID you can get tickets for £15.99, but my advice is that if you know what day you’re planning to go the zoo then book online in advance! The zoo isn’t in the centre, so if you’re staying near the promenade, I would suggest catching a bus or taxi to the zoo.

On the final day, we decided to go for a long walk before going home and we visited Stanley Park, which is a hidden gem in Blackpool. It was a beautiful park with a stunning lake with so much wildlife! You can find so many activities to do here, from visiting the cafe to water activities, such as pedal boats. If you get the chance to stop by at this tranquil area of Blackpool, I’d definitely recommend it for a peaceful escape. 

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I hope you enjoyed reading about our short getaway to the seaside resort of Blackpool and I hope it inspires you to plan a trip soon!

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