Travel: Manchester – Coffee Shop Hopping? Secret Hideouts?

Travel: Manchester – Coffee Shop Hopping? Secret Hideouts?

So, Spring is now in full swing in Manchester! The flowers are finally blooming after a long time waiting for longer days. And, more sunshine (which is a special occasion celebrated in the UK because of how rare sunshine is)!

Are you really a blogger if you don’t take a picture of a cherry blossom tree in Spring?

Day Trips To Manchester

Today’s blog post is all about a day trip to a city rather than short breaks or longer breaks that I’ve already posted about here.

Me and my best friend Amy decided we would go ‘Coffee Shop Hopping‘. We are both coffee enthusiasts and are on a mission to seek out the most perfect coffee art!

Manchester was our day trip destination purely because it is convenient for both of us to meet in the middle. Amy lives 20-minutes by train from Manchester. I live about 30-minutes by train, and we both know the city fairly well due to our close proximity to the centre.

Finding LADbible?!

We started our trip by walking around and finding the first coffee shop to catch our eye. We came across the LADbible office! Who would have guessed that a small Facebook group that posted viral content could end up being so massive that they actually need an office! It truly shows how powerful the internet is!

We then ended up walking around the pretty streets of the Northern Quarter

Koffee Pot Bar & Cafe, Manchester

And came across The Koffee Pot Bar & Cafe, which was a great place to start our Coffee Shop Hopping! This was my first coffee shop where I received my first latte art coffee. It makes me feel like I’ve been living under a rock!

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Whilst here me and Amy both ordered the latte and Amy had a brownie. Whereas, I had the poppyseed lemon cake, because lemon cake has to be one of my most favourite cakes! This coffee shop had the most lovely cake and coffee. The prices were very reasonable, as I only paid £5!

Ziferblat, Manchester

After this coffee shop, we decided to venture further into the Northern Quarter. This place is littered with coffee shops that it is so hard to decide where to go! I told Amy that I was researching online for coffee shops with quirky concepts. That’s where I came across Ziferblat. Their concept is that “Everything is free; except for the time you spend.” This really caught my interest when I came across it. You pay 8p for every minute that you spend there. You can eat and drink as much as you want. Then, you’re meant to clean up after yourself before you leave.

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The place was very spacious and on entering the building it felt like a secret hideout. As you walk over to the door. you think it’s closed. But, all of a sudden an employee answers using the door-entry system. Then, you see a lift that takes you up to the hideout! I spent just under £3.20 here, which is a fantastic price!

Arndale Centre, Manchester

After consuming so much caffeine, we decided to take a break from it. What better than to do a spot of shoppingYou can’t come to Manchester and not shop around the Arndale!

We walked around Exchange Square, which is full of pretty architecture. It was actually created following the unfortunate event in Manchester of the IRA 1996 Manchester bombing.

We went to Clinique in Selfridges, so that I could buy a little haul, which I shared in my blog post here!

New Cathedral Street, Manchester

We decided to head to New Cathedral Street, full of the high-end luxury stores to window shop. But, then Amy’s bad influence pushed me into Louis Vuitton. It turned from window shopping, to finding the item I had on my wish list for ages. And, like a best friend would, she kept egging me on to buy the item or I’d go home and regret not buying it. The excuse was because I should ‘treat myself‘ pre-payday.

I was eyeing up a Louis Vuitton belt for quite a long time. But, every time I looked into buying it, I kept thinking about how many things I could buy with the money that the belt costs, but as they say…

You only live once!

So, with so many belts to choose from, which to choose…

I ended up finding the perfect belt after the many variations to pick from. I chose the Ellipse Monogram Belt and I can’t wait to start pairing it with my outfits!

Get you a best friend who helps you model things for the blog!

I think the only thing that ruined the experience of buying the belt are the staff working there. They seem to look at young people and walk off in the opposite direction. I spent 15 minutes waiting for a staff member to approach me, as I wanted to try the different belt sizes. I know we appear ‘young’, but that doesn’t mean we’re there to waste their time. Some of us genuinely work really hard, and save for ages for things like this. It ruined the excitement of purchasing something I’ve wanted for ages. I decided to just be honest about the experience, as I think sometimes as bloggers we all sugarcoat our day-to-day experiences. We only let people see the bright and dandy side of things. But, we choose to leave out negative experiences.

The Printworks, Manchester

So, after spending too much money in one go, we decided to go and watch Beauty & The Beast at Odeon in The Printworks.

I won’t lie, I’ve never been a fan of Disney. Even when I was younger, I just couldn’t get myself into the movies. I don’t know how I got talked into watching the movie! But, I thought it was actually quite an enjoyable, feel-good movie. Although, I did think there was a little too many songs. I am normally really off-put by movies that are musical-based. But, that is my personal opinion because I’ve always been very tomboyish. So, I prefer action and horror/paranormal movies to cheesy romantics.

Amy’s happy face when she managed to drag me into 2 hours of singing

I Am Pho, China Town

So, by this time, it was about 7pm. So, we decided it was a good time to go and find somewhere to eat before heading home. We enjoyed some architecture on our way to Chinatown, as Amy suggested that we try out a Vietnamese restaurant. We’re both Chinese, so Vietnamese food is quite similar to Chinese food.

We headed to a restaurant called I Am Pho, and I was definitely not disappointed! The food was absolutely amazing and I am so glad Amy recommended the place. I’ve never tried Vietnamese food, but after this experience I’d happily come back again! For the amount of food we got, paying just under £15 was brilliant! The staff were lovely and the food looked as good on the plate as it tasted! Did I mention that they have the most Instagrammable gold and marble tables?

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As I’m typing up this blog post right now it makes me want to go again! Out of all the coffees I had all day, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk has to be my favourite! I think after all of the running around the iced coffee was just so refreshing. But, the coffee in general was just something out of heaven!

Home Time!

Following dinner we decided it was time to go home and Manchester looks like a completely different place when the sun goes down, the city just slowly lights up as the sun sets!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post on my day trip to Manchester as much as I enjoyed my day there! Not every trip has to be a long trip! Just taking one day out of your busy schedule is enough to just enjoy your surroundings and the weather (assuming you manage to catch a rare day of sunshine if you’re in the UK)!

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